Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Catch a moment and rediscover the forgotten

A pair of widely celebrated Norfolk Artists exhibit at the King of Hearts in Norwich with works focussed on storytelling, the passing of time and the preservation of memories.

Andrew Campbell and Louise Richardson are well-known by the Norfolk public through many exhibitions in the area, notably at the King of Hearts and the Bally Factory. They also exhibit internationally and nationally including solo shows at the Robert Sandelson Gallery, Cork Street London, as well as being members of the Norwich Twenty Group. Although these artists produce strikingly different work, they have much in common: a subtle palette of muted tones, a delicacy and compassionate feeling for the fragility of human life.

Storytelling and humanity form the basis of Louise Richardson’s work. Garments and sculptures made from a diverse selection of materials give a glimpse of untold tales. ‘Butterfly Dress’ is brimming with an intense sense of animation, conveying the magical attraction of butterflies.

“I am currently looking at the idea of memory and identity, bringing universal messages to the viewer through the portrayal of objects in my own memory.” Louise Richardson

Andrew Campbell captures personal fleeting moments that convey his interest in the past and future of landscapes. He makes reference to isolated, significant objects within the landscape and delights in the rediscovery of things forgotten. Campbell also works with film, from this he selects poignant images and transfers them to cement rendered, canvas-like frames. The images sink into the surface and take on a painterly quality.

“My work features rhythms and repetition; be it the bubbling of water or the motion of waves.” Andrew Campbell

“Andy and Louise are strikingly original artists, re-creating in their own way the human destiny in its touching frailty.” Aude Gotto

This exhibition will take place at The King of Hearts Gallery in Norwich.

May 16th – 29th August 2009 ~ Andrew Campbell & Louise Richardson

For enquiries please call 01603 611412

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Carys Rosser on 01603 766129

ADDRESS: 7-15 Fye Bridge Street, Norwich, NR3 1JL, www.kingofhearts.org.uk


  1. I have seen an exhibition of your work at The Cut, in Halesworth, maybe 2 or 3 years ago. It is like opening the closed door of a room filled with magic, hidden in the corner of a big house. Thank you!

  2. are your dresses for sale . if so can you tell me the price thank you d

  3. Do you sell your dresses? I would really like one for my graduation. Please answer

  4. Dear Louise:

    I have searched online but haven't found any way to contact you. I'm interested in using an image of one of your dresses for the cover of my forthcoming book, which recently won the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Open Competition and is forthcoming from Southern Illinois University Press in 2015. Can you please contact me at lisafaycoutley@gmail.com to let me know if this is something we might discuss? I'd be ever grateful. Your work is stunning, and it feels like the right fit for my first book.

    You can learn more about me and my work at http://lisafaycoutley.blogspot.com/.

    Thanks so much. I hope to hear back from you in the near future!

    Lisa Fay Coutley


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  6. HI LOuise. I'm a fellow, London based artist and since I can't find any other way of communicating with you I'll write something here and hope you get to read it one day. (Not sure how reliable blogs are as a form of contacting people) A while ago I pinned some of your pictures in a board related to a costume design project I was undertaking. Obviously I did because I found it very inspiring. Well,it has happened so many times that I thought you would be happy to know. Ever since your image has been re-pinned countless times, many more than any other image I have ever saved. So, you must be into something! Well done, keep going, and I hope learning this will encourage you to produce more exciting work. All the best, Carlos (carloscortesart1@mac.com)